This Wagamama Rakia Album Trailer Is of a Tasteful Length

So Wagamama Rakia, who were low-key one of the big breakout success stories in chika idol last year along with temporarily fluid membership situation and goodness knows what all else, I lost track, have an album on the way. Like, imminently. And, as is smart and good and hale and all that, they dropped a trailer for it yesterday. It is, however, one of the more unique trailers that I’ve ever encountered.

The run time is 4:02. In your own personal realm of experience — which of course can vary based on a whole mess of factors — and assuming that all songs on the album are given approximately equivalent feature time in the trailer, how many tracks do you think it contains? tHe AnSwEr MaY sHoCk YoU!

Holy crap there are 20 songs on that thing! That’s gotta be one of the all-time best values in idol recordings if things like run time and sheer volume are what matter to you. And pretty good overall even if you prefer quality first, because it’s Wagamama Rakia and their objectively double-plus quality, only expanded out 20 flippin’ times. Other than deliberate double-recordings, I’m not sure that I can think of another instance like this in the Idolsphere. And of course there’s very good reason for there to be 20 songs (just look at the title of the dang thing and your brain will figure it out), it’s just a little much to fathom.

The thing’s out in a hair over a week. I would not be in the least bit upset if some video were to come flying our way soon!