This Video Completely Changes the Notion of a Family Reunion

Fans of the Codomomental collective may be aware of a solo I-don’t-think-it’s-idol-but-maybe project called milcboy, which is the domain of the woman known as syam, who you may have noticed having a number of writing credits on Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da songs and may (per our wonderfully informative and generous source on all such things) be sister to one of Codomomental’s founders. This is usually where I’d make a snarky comment about nepotism, but milcboy is pretty all right.

Regardless of all of that, milcboy released yesterday a new MV, a cover of a certain song by a certain yami-kawaii idol quartet that has more than a few people kind of smitten over the course of the year. And, you know, she wrote it for them in the first place.

Nice! Featuring a whole mess of people from the Codomomental talent and staff (including the band Gauche), it’s people we tend to think of as being a particular way being not very much like that. I had fun with it, at least.

Here’s more milcboy:

From a completely different era of the company’s, even pre-milcboy!

Like I said, not idol, but neat if precious alt-rock solo singers are your thing.