Here’s an Extra WTF That Can Actually Make You Feel Better

After that earlier bit of ugliness, I needed something dumb and fun and easy. Yes, there’s a very convenient joke to be made there, but I won’t do it because sad. Instead, here’s something that made me smile.

You’ve probably seen it by now, either toward the end of the full recording of the show, or in this isolated video, but when the Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby got into a battle with THE Natsu no Mamono the other day, the only real winner was everybody who got to see that collaboration take “Nippon Manju” to a whole new level:

Ruby vs. Ladybeard would have made for an epic Corenament matchup

Now let’s use this as an opportunity to engage in a discussion that I’ve flirted with but never directly taken up with others.

How should we treat THE Natsu no Mamono? There’s a certain idol element there, they’re plenty loud, they do friggin’ wrestling in their shows, the Idol Formerly Known as Mizuho is a member … I never deliberately intended to be gender-exclusive on the pages of, but it is worth noting that only women have to date made the cut, and there’s no shortage of male idols in the real world. But is that how to think of Daichi and the others? Is that even the correct way to think of the women in the group?

Am I dissembling so that there’s something to talk about other than the screaming pit of despair that’s engulfing my very soul?

Anyway, your thoughts, please.

5 thoughts on “Here’s an Extra WTF That Can Actually Make You Feel Better

  1. Interesting live collaboration.

    What do I think of the women in THE Natsu no Mamono? Well The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby should definitely get Ruby to join them πŸ™‚
    She screams pretty good. Also seems to be first time she sings like that.

    Since Ladybeard left the group I been feeling the added male death metal vocals being pointless as there is no one in the group to sing those. Well I guess they wanted to have the same concept that made the group successful I guess. If they are going to continue with that same concept they should really get in a third member to do the death metal singing parts. If not I wish they could skip it and focus only on Rei and Ries talent, then perhaps even give them a completely new concept and let the old one become retired. As they are never going to be the same as Ladybeard is no longer there. Somehow it feels Rei and Rie could do better if they got something of their own instead.

    I have try listen more songs by THE Natsu no Mamono. Didn’t really know then until now.

    Anyway I think they should have a place here at homicidols. I have no problem with if there is male idols in the group. Well we already Ladybeard here. Oh wait…he is actually a lady πŸ™‚

    But I do wonder if THE Natsu no Mamono consider themselves as idols…

    I been thinking also does gay idol have a place here? Like Rei and Rie’s dance choreographer and friend Nicho Halo has a gay idol group. Would they have a place here at homicide idols?

  2. I hadn’t really thought of them as an idol group*, but with Mizuho and Mari in the group, I don’t think anybody would complain if you checked up on ’em every now and then!
    *If “vocal and dance” is the litmus test for an idol group? Their on-stage “dancing” is mostly limited to jumping and fist pumping. Plus they’re definitely not bound by the contractual rules of the sacred order of the idol (I mean, Mai had a baby and my research indicates you’d have to break three or four idol rules for that to happen…)
    I only learned recently that Black DPG is no more. Maybe The I.F.K.a.L.b girls will be their new rivals?

  3. “Alternative idol” groups are not something i mainly try to follow because they are “alternative” OR because they are “idol”, it’s because occasionally they make some real interesting and unique music.

    So if you want to expand this site to all kinds of interesting and unique music regardless of whether or not the performers are “idols” then i would be quite positive about that.

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