This tipToe. Song Rocks

And speaking of things that I noted in passing and then set aside so that I could focus on much more holiday weekend-appropriate things, you guys simply must check out the latest MV from former Dots consipirators / Homicidols Dot Com 2018 award winners tipToe., who with a name like that and an image even more like (points at them) somehow manage to be one of the most regularly impressive rock-oriented groups in idol. It’s amazing what a touch of art, a touch of class and a good budget can do!

Anyway, the MV:

That’s actually not new-new, but from their daydream album that came out in April, which I think I Weekendered kind of? Yes? I didn’t get it, personally, so I’m not going to pass any further judgement than that it must be good if it includes this song and also that other way, amirite? Oh and also they have a one-man coming up in July:

I like when the glossier side of chika is both this good and this prolific. Keep on going, tipToe.