This Script Is Familiar: GANG PARADE in Transition Interviews

I think we all remember the SiS interview with Billboard. So much excitement! So much possibility! And then, well, one of the front-runners for Letdown of the Year.

But before Operation Save Our SiS could even get off the ground, the three SiS members who hadn’t yet taken a blood oath against Watanabe were unveiled as the newest members of the suddenly-in-a-ton-of-crap GANG PARADE, and “copacetic” was a word that we could have probably used because it accurately describes that whole thing.

So. Hey look! GANG PARADE being interviewed by Billboard, featuring the former members of SiS!

Translate on your own, gang. Parade.

And, most notably, the three members of GANG PARADE who took part in the recording of Barely Last who aren’t named Kamiya Saki, whose absence in this case probably has a completely logical explanation but I’m taking to be because she was lost in a whiskey-fueled haze because what else could go wrong besides everything?, they’re in on the interview, too.

But oh, what’s this? Right, new member Yuyu with her own interview with Ototoy:

Oh, and immediately updating to include:


Speaking of things not going wrong, Barely Last was released two days ago (you can go listen to every track on it), and it made it all the way to fifth on the Oricon daily chart:

So good for GANG PARADE! And let’s hope that the new members aren’t about to get the rug yanked out from under them (again) and GANG PARADE doesn’t lose any more members (again) and the group can step forward into a more settled future (again).

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  1. I’m at the mercy of any polyglot commenters who can tell me what became of Nozumu. I hope their next album cycle goes smoothly, anyway!

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