This Pun Is Too Good for the YAMIAME Post I’m Using It For

Okay, this is just a really random throw-together of stuff, but hear me about: YAMIAME was tweeting out lyrics to their songs a little while back, and I was like, oh, that might be a nice thing to collect and have available for the time that .25 people anywhere ever become very curious about untranslated lyrics of an underground idol group. Makes perfect sense! And I thought, “maybe it’ll be good to run on a rainy day.”

Rainy. Like the song title they have. LIKE THE NAME OF THE GROUP.


Pearls before swine, I swear …

Anyway, though it is not in fact a rainy day, they did release another track yesterday:

And because I don’t actually hate you, here are those lyrics (notably not of the song just shared):

You’re welcome!