This Phantom Kiss Is Like a Punch in the Teeth. Fantastic.

May the most chthonic of ancient deities bless us all! Yes, friends, it’s another Tsurezure song preview morning!

As usual, it’s a two-hour shindig; as usual, because they never say not to, we prefer to flaunt the rules around here.

That’s right, just click on this at any time!


感情迷走残酷 キスの後 反応間奏Phantom 消せ
寒色群青残像 GIGのもと 願望反骨滾れ

そう熱持つ身体 頭の中の摂理 灰纏い落とす Femme Fatale
こんなにも想ったことはない この身焼けて焦げ付く
泣いて Crescent 絶えず Cry over

君が笑って くれるなら全て 捨てても構わない

間違えるその度 泣き叫ぶ願いは 声高々に空を切るけど
壊れない絆は 唯一の光は 僕の中にだけ

Don’t stay , Don’t speak , Don’t let me down,
I will never betray you. Whatever you fall into hell with this world sin, I believe in you and you are on your side.
神なんてものがいるのなら どこかで見ててくれるのなら
この身などどうにでも 彼の笑顔をいつまでも

Woh oh oh oh

感情迷走残酷 キスの後 反応間奏Phantom 消えろ
生涯後悔せぬように君だけを 愛する狂気を僕に

決別の夜に 想い募るだけに 苦しみだけに
Pray, save it. I wish you good luck

歩き出すその度 間違える願いは 声高々に空を切るけど
壊れない想いよ 唯一の光よ 僕の中だけに…

もう迷い 振り切る狼煙 太陽を拒絶明日へ
理想、君が笑える未来 叶える僕が、最後に 最後に。

I love when a Tsurezure song comes together! I think that their signature brand of Codomocore is probably the hardest to maintain with fidelity, but when it’s on, it’s on. “Phantom Kiss” is a great example of the delicate balancing act that a great Tsurezure song performs — like the frosty rime accumulated in Ginnungagap, at once some of the prettiest, most delicate music in the world of rock and unrestrained emotional fury. In some ratios, the mix becomes an NSLE song; in others, apparently, Ymir. Wild.

This one’s new for their latest big-time tour of Japan. If they’re making up for lost time, be thankful.