This PassCode Song Is So Good, I Can’t Even Think of a Good Title for This Post

Well well, PassCode, I see that you went ahead and made a truthful Maniac of me: The most-PassCode stuff on VIRTUAL appears to not be what they put out in MVs, but a little deeper in the playlist.

Mm … so PassCode …

There is a very small number of PassCode songs that I like more than this, to be honest. “Now I Know” might be the closest in terms of overall sound, but that very metalcore riff and the way it never quite gets around to a full-on breakdown and then “激動プログレッシブ”s its way into a very pretty and clean chorus? This is fantastic stuff; nobody gets more mileage out of making chiptune heavy and crunchy synths melodic than PassCode at their best.

My only criticism is the song’s distinct lack of Yuna screaming a hole in my face. You know she’s in there with cleans, though, and maybe that’s just fine if that root digital hardcore sound is preserved; I was concerned that management wanted to back off too much, but this is not a song that’s backing off.

I really hope that this album finds its way to a U.S. digital distributor so I can review it; between “SIGNAL” here and “Ninja Bomber,” we have some really nice Classic PassCode lined up next to the transitional sound of “AXIS” and the “you can put us on the radio, for real” sound of “From Here.” Plenty for everybody, and heaven help us all if PassCode becomes a seriously big deal by using that approach.

Is this going on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist? You bet your sweet butt.

Big thanks to Anagram Hound for posting another great song that non-CD-havers might otherwise miss out on, and Phillter for noticing its presence like 30 seconds after it was uploaded.

3 thoughts on “This PassCode Song Is So Good, I Can’t Even Think of a Good Title for This Post

  1. Right in our wheelhouse. Scale of 1 to 10 ? Solid 9. Nobody gets a 10. -.5 deduction for being to short. The center breakdown could have gone at least another 8 measures.

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