This One Step Closer to Industrial Idol Is Intoxicating

If we’ve ever interacted much on Twitter or Facebook, you know that my personal white whale is an idol project that actually goes full-on industrial — I’m talking the really filthy, heavy, distorted electronic gamut rum between NIN and Ministry and all the way out to Fear Factory. I want this, as it would tie a neat little bow around idol’s ability to genuinely do everything.

This isn’t quite there, but it’s close:

Thanks, Pure Idol Heart!

The potential for industrial is there, but what would you call it? Trip-hop plus idol chorus? Digital idolcore?

Regardless, that’s Intox=Y, or Intoxication (Twitter), a solo project by an idol named Yuki out of Osaka (of course) that’s not really new, per se (going back to 2014!), but I think is coming back from hiatus — it can happen! — with a new single released in a few days and a one-man scheduled for August.

This one is moving into my Notify Me of Everything category. I must have more.

Yuki’s also involved in this duo project, Shizuyuki, that does nice mom alt-rock apparently:

Just, please, continue down a dark path toward samples of heavy machinery in action and songs about violence and pain.

One thought on “This One Step Closer to Industrial Idol Is Intoxicating

  1. I would like to see it taken even more towards industrial than NIN, Ministry and such. Get Chu Ishikawa to write the songs in similar vein as the soundtrack he did for Tetsuo the Iron Man. Would be heavy as hell. Play this track loud and you get what I mean.

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