This New Wonder Lander Track Will Get You Dancing

Here’s a neat little treat from the weekend: Wonder Lander, who fit in on the easier side of things normally and Maniac why do you like them so much I just do okay, dropped a fresh track onto Soundcloud:

Now, when you first started to play “Ready to up”, what did you think was coming? At around 10 bars or so, I thought, oh neat, Wonder Lander brought a little more anger to their sound this time around … and then the funky stepped in, and the jangly, and the sparkly, and OH HELL YES IS THIS DISCO?! It sure is.

That’s a good move. There isn’t and wasn’t a single damn thing wrong with what Wonder Lander has in their previous catalog, but I love this little move. It sounds like what might happen if you smashed together GANG PARADE and Osaka Shunkashuto into a single cacophonous unit fueled by cocaine and all-night dance parties. I like it!