This New Track from Panda Mic Is Pretty Fun

Oh wow, do you guys remember Panda Mic? That very deliberately black and white junior idol quintet was like a little refresher of very poppy punk at a time when it seemed like idol was losing the uniquely well-suited-to-it style a little bit.

Well, they’re back, celebrating their anniversary with a new track available via OTOTOY:

If you want to listen to it, all you have to do is click on the little Listen button below the icons toward the bottom of the page. I’m sure that I messed up some details in the description and so will spare you the indignity of dealing with it, so: They’re going to festivals! They’re still in junior high! The song is new!

It’s a good time, though, kind of an interesting twist on the usual tropes that populate this kind of idoling; if GEM had ever been capable of doing such a thing, it sounds to me like something that’d have been in their wheelhouse.

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