This New Song Encapsulates Yanakoto Sotto Mute So Well

On the A-to-Jcast the other night, Terry brought up Yanamyu. Tiffany wasn’t familiar! So a struggle ensued to find the right words to describe this perfect idol project; grunge! post-grunge! shoegazer! the entire rock output of the 90s put into a musical blender! Yeah, they’re a little hard to pin down.

But here’s what matters: Their live is just as idol-avant-garde as their big sisters in BRGH, but the vocals are right on point (none of these girls is a bad singer!) and with some of the best and most creative arrangements you’ll get from this kind of performance. The choreography makes me swoon.


But to get around to the original point, how do you describe something like this? “morning” sounds to me like an art school version of Soundgarden (prior to Superunknown, at least), but maybe the thing is that it sounds like Yanamyu, and there just really isn’t a whole lot else out there like them. It runs in the family, I guess.

5 thoughts on “This New Song Encapsulates Yanakoto Sotto Mute So Well

  1. Interesting and definitely different from the first song I checked out by them. I’ll have to keep my eye out for more of their music! (Funny how I know these groups and their names but I never get around to listening to them…. maybe I should be making more of an effort)

  2. Mani is becoming one of my favorite vocalists. The choreography during the instrumental break is badass. There’s even a quick part where they play air guitar haha. Here is another video of this song from a front row perspective with clearer audio:

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