This New Image Video from Necroma Says a Lot More Than You Think

When last we left Necronimidol, we had some updated details on their upcoming full-length debut album; most importantly, a few tracks and remasters/re-recordings of material from their four singles.

Today, they released the first video of new-old content:

“NAYENEZGANI” is incidentally one of my Necroma favorites, and I kind of held my breath for a second when I first hit play.

Now, one, cool little PV. As usual, honestly. Necronomidol manages to make everything at least a little bit scary, as befits them.

But listen to the track, and compare it to the .mp3 that you totally own by absolutely legitimate and legal means. What’s there? Slicker production, tighter vocals, what sounds like (I only got to do it once okay!) changes to the instrumentation and maybe even the structure.

I think Necroma’s ready to be a big deal.

This … this is good work, Ricky. This is good work, Necronomidol. Now can you please keep it for the next couple of weeks?

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