This new BiS is SubLiME

It just me, or does anytime a WACK group that’s not part of the BiS/H duo deliver something new, they get barely any time in the LiMElight before they’re overshadowed? I only covered EMPiRE two days ago and already we have a music video for DEAD or a LiME, the first “real” single by BiS’ third generation. 

If you’re wondering why “LiME”, the MV answers nothing. It sure is juicy though!

I was going to say something about how the MV gives me classic BiS vibes and how I feel conflicted about 3rd gen BiS because of how 2nd gen ended on such a sour note, and the trend of members suddenly dropping like rotten fruit is still going strong in this newest reboot. Yet, on a purely musical basis, BiS are currently at the top of their game, the freshest of the bunch, if you will.

Alas, all I can do is make terrible fruit puns. I guess you could say, I lost my concentration.