This New Band ja Naimon! Track Is out of Control

I don’t know how many of you guys follow Banmon (Twitter) usually (if you do, bless you, because denpa makes the world go ’round), but it just got a bajillion times easier because Pony Canyon decided to get on the YouTube Red extortion racket train and finally made their video content available for the first time in well over a year.

And this new track, the title of which is eluding machine translation (I hope; the various suggestions are something else) but that doesn’t matter because this is out of control and it could be called “I like pie” and you bet I’d be down with it, feels like a multi-genre-less delicious musical disaster:

True to form!

I’ve largely stayed clear of the more explicitly denpa-oriented idols (your Dempagumi.incs and Moso Calibrations, etc.) for want of keeping an eye specifically on either outright rock sound or at least drum-and-bass intensity, but go ahead and make suggestions as to any kind of music from anywhere in the world that can pack so much energy into 4:00.

Seriously. I’ll wait. A good denpa song will run 10,000 bpm down your throat with all the idol glitter you can stand, then inexplicably throw in a guitar solo and double bass, and then (as above!) add breaks in just about any style you can imagine. I love it. Sister Site would have been doing a lot of denpa, as well as the challenges to idol culture that many of the acts therein represent.

Happy Sunday. Other than a recap (on the way), it’s a Corenament-free day. GO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE!