This NEO JAPONISM Song Is Fire

Not literally, you goofs

Well, team, save for some Weekender references (one of which about to be double-dipped below), it’s been a tiny little while since our last taste of NEO JAPONISM, but they’ve actually been cranking out performances and building a respectable little fan base. They’re going places, and it’s cool and good, because idols’ success is always worth rooting for. The other day, they went so far as to give us a new song that, if you’ve read the title of the post, you may surmise as being something that I enjoy!

Listen to that thing go! I love a rollicking punk ballad that verges on anthemic. There’s a lot happening! Here’s the rest of the good stuff:

And speaking of such things, there’s an album coming in a couple of weeks, and I’m guessing that it’s going to be pretty good, because NEO JAPONISM is yet to disappoint:

I was going to make a repetitive point about this being a really great year for debuts, only to check and realize that NEO JAPONISM actually hails from late last year. Like, the point still stands, though, and why don’t we double down for a second and note that HEY, how about this really great string of idol debuts that’s now stretching back into last autumn?