This Monday Match Game Is All about the Beats

Hello weird people! Welcome back to the Monday Match Game, the only game in idol that verifiably wastes more time than it’s worth pits idol against idol, style against style and fan against fan in brutal, HTML-rendered public opinion combat!

In last week’s no-holds-barred matchup between emerging DIY idols, Under Beasty connected a knockout punch straight to Gokigen Teikoku’s chin, thereby declaring themselves the Queens of Idols Who Are Good Enough on Their Own.

But this week, we’re getting topical, and we’re getting projectionable. Our pal dofphoto doesn’t just offer reviews, but translates bits of news about developments in idol, too. Take it away, dofphoto!

Kouteka 3 is a new unit formed by inheriting the will of Koutei Camera Girl Zwei (abbreviation: Kouteka 2) who broke up with a live performed at Tokyo · WWW X on January 13. The conditions for submitting an audition are women living in Tokyo from 16 to 22 who are not affiliated with a particular production or record company.”Koutei Camera Girl Drei is a group focused on music and design. I would like to disseminate something I want to express, I am waiting for the application of girls who want to change the current situation.”There is no problem with inexperienced raps , it is better for inexperienced people. “All members so far were inexperienced” Tapestock explains.

Amazing. And as the Weekender has now according to the Official Policy of unofficially become Koutei Camera Girl/2/Gal’s honorary place of celebration, it’s fitting to break from our regularly scheduled programming for a minute to not only hold up the coolest thing in idol rap, but also ask ourselves the question: If you dropped all three of them into a bear pit (sans bear), who’d win?

Yes, friend, it’s time for the single greatest idol rap battle of all time! Our usual squared circle is just a circle now because that’s easier, and: To my left, the first iteration; to my right, the second; to my front, the latest; and, staring them all in the face, an exciting future thing! A whole buttload of idols who rap enter, but only one will advance to take on whatever’s coming next!

For reference:


Girl Zwei:


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  1. I have had the Gal EP on repeat all month, great debut release. Nice that they also provided acapellas, I should get off my lazy ass and make a remix or two :p

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