This Monday Match Game Got You Covered

You know, I’m a pretty big fan of the defunct-but-also-DAIDAIDAI-inspirational PSYBOU KANOJO, if you hadn’t noticed, and I’ve been spending some time over the past week or so doing a bit of retrospective. Not everything was pure gold, but there was enough creativity and heaviness and power and heaviness and beats and heaviness that I can still throw on some of Yuki’s live videos, or go through the old Soundcloud account, and have enough godDAMN moments that I go right back to being really sad that Yuki called it quits basically out of nowhere.

But we still have her music! And because of that, we can play with it forever.

Last week’s Monday Match Game gave Osaka Shunkashuto a slim win over Q’ulle in a true idol dance-off; this week, we’re going heavy, but we’re going heavy in a completely different way than usual.

PSYBOU KANOJO had some great original music, but also some great covers, and it’s those personal versions of others’ compositions that we usher into Homicidol Arena. The thing is, the referee (e.g. the polling widget) doesn’t like Soundcloud, so what you’re going to use to vote are the originals … but you’re going to be voting FOR the PSYBOU KANOJO versions. Make sense?

In this corner, originally by System of a Down right around the height of their popularity, we have a song titled after the single best element of any party invitation if you have a crippling dependency on rare and expensive liqueurs; opposing it, a very nice title by a band named after Stalin! Both reshaped by the mad people at DEMON TAPES and rendered into brain-puncturing beauty by Utane Yuki. Two pummeling covers enter, but only one will leave!

5 thoughts on “This Monday Match Game Got You Covered

  1. Yuki is on fire with SleepHolicCoreGrafix . She sure has changed her image, too.

    On another note, relating to DEMON TAPES , DL’d The new DaiDaiDai maxiSingle off of Amazon, and the savage Stephen Monolith was revamped for some reason? The rest is pretty good, though.

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