This Might Be My Favorite Show I’ll Never Go To

You all know that I can’t Japanese, like at all. I can recognize names, and occasionally phrases that I’ve seen written a bunch of times and I know what they sound like and mean in English, but that’s “reading” in the sense that making Pop Tarts is “cooking.”

Nonetheless, just as Pop Tarts are delicious, so too is the ability to recognize that several idols are tweeting about the same thing, and having the good sense to look into it:

Oh man.

See, it’s a collaboration show. More precisely, like how BiSH does IDOL vs. VISUAL by doing joint shows with The Legendary Six Nine, this is a visual-plus-idol-plus-shocking-performance show, and, in addition to the bands and the one soloist, you have Screaming Sixties, Hanako-san and Gokigen Teikoku.

The “idol” part, I get. The “visual,” too. “SHOCK,” I’m just handing that one to the undead ghost urban legend girl who commits toilet murders and performs grindcore songs in a school uniform and backpack. The show’s not for another month, but I’m already jealous of the people who are going to be there.

Happy Monday.

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