This Is Your Timely Reminder That BOSS Is Boss

You may have seen, friends, that longstanding idol of terror Rei, aka BOSS, formerly of Guso Drop and now running BURST GIRL through her iron will, has a new project of the likes that really only she would have. I thought, this is a Weekender item and didn’t want to take it too seriously, but then I remembered how I’d have felt about this a couple of years ago and realized that, heck, this is the kind of thing that I’d have had kittens over not all that long ago, so let’s make a big-ass deal out of it!

Knuckle Chihuahua! Or “Chiwawa” as they apparently would like for it to be spelled.* I don’t know what that is. Like, a fighting tiny nigh-hairless dog that fits in a purse? Sounds about right. And of Boss will be providing vocals as only a person who sounds like a chain-smoking trucker but hasn’t ever actually been a chain-smoking trucker can do. Rei is literally the best. I hope they start off doing more-or-less accessible punk songs and then devolve into some spectacular grind thing.

As a reminder of this, here’s video of her whooping Okaki’s ass in arm wrestling:

Not depicted: Rei’s sneak-attack on Ricky and then clearing the stage with a steel chair.

One thought on “This Is Your Timely Reminder That BOSS Is Boss

  1. so i am actually going to the debut gig, i mean honestly Enslave is playing so i wouldve gone see them anyway if i didnt know bout Rei’s band.
    i am not expecting much from it seeing the members band history and well, the name. i am sure were going to get any Burning Spirits hardcore here. which i wouldve hoped from her. but we will see,
    honstly i do hope this band can get a following if its own and wont just be a side dish for the burst fandom.

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