This Is Your Last Warning about the Alt-Idol Podcast

Pictured: Just a stock photo of a dog with a microphone

You all know me; I’m just a bro helping bros out. Here’s the second edition of the Alt-Idol Podcast (with Terry and Garry and John!); make sure to subscribe to their channel and also follow those beautiful weirdos on Twitter so you can just get the live casts and recordings yourself. As an added incentive, maybe one day ol’ Maniac will be on, too!

Actually, that’s a terrible idea; I’d probably Andy Kaufman all over the thing.

We’re taking a little break from the Corenament today, thank goodness, but you can still get in on the bracket challenge and see how well you can predict how this thing’s going to fall.

Oh and also there’ll be other stuff. It’s WTF Tuesday, and goodness knows that there’s no shortage of weirdness out there. For instance: Idol podcasts!

I kid because I love