This Is Why You Should Buy International Idol Releases

Brian, the Thoughtful Voice among Western idol fans, added a great post this morning over at his very own What’s it about? If the headline weren’t a dead giveaway, I’d tell you, but you can read and are intelligent!

The gist: If we want idols to cater to us, market to us, make things available to us, come visit us, etc., we have to show them our numbers. And though we’re up to some other efforts to prove our existence, the actual simplest thing to do is to buy international releases — not Japanese domestic, though CD Japan and whatnot appreciates it, but the stuff that is specifically being sold to us. Like:

The realest point:

When Babymetal’s first album debuted at number one on iTunes international metal charts, that was an event that made their record label and their management take notice that there was a very real market underway here. The eventual worldwide success of Babymetal, and the reason why it actually became feasible to see them live on your soil, started becoming a truly tangible thing that day. It made news over here and in Japan. It made Senpai notice us, you dig?

So go read the whole thing, nod vigorously in agreement with what Brian wrote because it is correct, leave an encouraging comment that may or may not include swears, then come back here and continue on:

We have the #NewIdolArmy situation to throw down on Friday, which PassCode has unwittingly chosen as the day of their North American release. But that’s okay! Brian suggested, and I agree, that we can and should do something visual and social over the weekend, too, to show off that we’re fans and we’re here and willing to support PassCode’s efforts outside of Japan.

Remember #PassCode1026メジャーデビュー, which they were using around the release of “MISS UNLIMITED” to build buzz and get people into that contest for the signed posters (i.e., the ONE THAT I DIDN’T WIN)? Let’s not use that, but how about something like #HackersInternational or (sorry, everybody else) #PassCodeNorthAmerica, with photos of us looking like doofuses holding maps marking where we are?

Or something? Just go ahead and say out loud what you think sounds good (and, notably, whether you’d participate). And is Saturday good? I realize that it’s one day after BiS, but it’s not like snap-photo-upload-tweet-or-post-on-Facebook is a massive expenditure of energy. And at least one of you must be an admin of the PassCode fans Facebook group, yes?

15 thoughts on “This Is Why You Should Buy International Idol Releases

  1. I’m forever on a crusade to get Japanese indie artists to put stuff on Bandcamp. If I’m voting with my dollar, I’ll support DRM-free FLAC every time.
    I’ll be there at 0AM to pick up Miss Unlimited on iT***s too, though!

  2. I’ve been thinking the same thing Boans. I’m a very big fan of Bandcamp’s audio quality, and their business model They would suit indie idols extremely well. I was under the impression that OTOTOY treats artists much the same way, and also offers very quality files, but Bandcamp of course would be far more user-friendly for westerners. I know of quite a few Japanese artists who already use Bandcamp, but not so many idols.

    Oyasumi Hologram maintains a Bandcamp page, (You can purchase “2” from there.) and they’re also using the site to host download files for a recent vinyl release, so there’s a start. And of course there’s Specific Recordings using Bandcamp as a storefront for the recent Necroma vinyl release. Somebody like Hanako-san would be a perfect fit for that site. I was just thinking earlier today that it would be a good idea to try to plant this suggestion into idol manager’s heads. Glad you’re a step ahead!!

    • Specific is based in France, but Virgin Babylon is another great example; they appear to put all of their releases on Bandcamp and sales look as good as you can expect for such a niche 😛
      I actually name-dropped Bandcamp to the OYSM staff account when “2” was coming out. They didn’t reply but they tweeted a link to their new Bandcamp page a few days later, soooo I’ve convinced myself I played a part in that! I hope they haven’t forgotten about it, because I’ll buy the 3rd album there on day one if I can.
      Bandcamp might give you a thoughtful writeup, but there’s no “#1 on Bandcamp” acclaim like there is on iTunes, so of course iTunes is a huge step as well.

      Let’s both bother @oysm_staff to get the new album on Bandcamp tomorrow 😛

    • I see that Tricot just listed some vinyl and merch on Bandcamp. I recently bought an autographed Otoboke Beaver cd from there as well . I will definitely be searching their site closer for future purchases !

    • I was inspired to email Oyasumi Hologram about selling “…” on Bandcamp yesterday and Ogawa already replied: his official word is “yes,” and “maybe December.” I guess I’m now obliged to wait and buy it there 😛

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  5. The North American digital release of Miss Unlimited includes the instrumental version and both B-sides, all in one tidy package with FLAC available because we DON’T HAVE TIME FOR GAMES.
    If only their Vevo channel would let us watch the video, this would be pretty ideal.

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