This Is Why We’ll Miss Koutei Camera Girl Zwei

Having now seen this shared in a great number of public fora ever since I caught it while walking into a restaurant for dinner on Tuesday, it’s probably not news to a lot of you, but still. Koutei Camera Girl Zwei may not have made the final cut in the Best/Worst of 2016 nominations, but they still deserve your love and respect in their fleeting remaining time together.

Somebody give them lots of money, then book them with Oyasumi Hologram and the three-headed dragon named Bell Melt Mute that I sometimes like to pretend exists, and send them on a world tour of student unions and coffee shops

This bizarre fusion of EDM, alt rock, hip-hop and idol is the kind of thing you should just sit and listen to for a while. To borrow how I once described Hauptharmonie, this is music for music lovers. Like, edgelords and genre snobs always want to be the gatekeepers for what counts as “good,” and the irony so often is that what’s “best” is what lives on the fringes of their manufactured authenticity.

Idols are uniquely suited to push boundaries of genre and convention because they can be whatever they or you want them to be. Little pop punk princesses? The literal undead? Clowns? All, and more, possible. That’s sort of the space that your Koutei Camera Girls occupy, almost like a hipster DJ’s dream come to life.

Idol in general is branching out into lots of exciting places, but we’re losing this one particular spot of creative brilliance, and we’re going to miss it.

6 thoughts on “This Is Why We’ll Miss Koutei Camera Girl Zwei

  1. They should be in the 2016 Best Of category for Leningrad Loud Girlz – it released 12/23/15 so technically it was 2016. That album is untouchable for whatever category you want to toss KCG into. LaLa Sugar’s squeaks put everyone on notice. I don’t know how she sounds like that. The timing of the verses on Last Glasgow makes me think they pulled out a metronome for recording. This would be my #1 2016 album if it wasn’t for that pesky BRGH-Beyond A++

  2. Gonna miss these girls, really looking forward to hearing the last album.
    At least next year we’ll have the debut release of hip-hop sister group Koutei Camera Gals!

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