This Is What You’ll Get with CANDY GO!GO!’s “IDOROCK” Album

CANDY GO!GO!, now with a whole stable of rock idols to call their sisters, have their IDOROCK album coming out in a few weeks, and you know what that means. IT’S MV TIME!

So “ハイボールの制約” (“Restriction of Highball”?), do you think it might be a really idorock kind of song? Like, proving the point?

You bet your ass it is!

You may need to use a proxy

I always feel like I have kind of a perilous relationship with idorock itself — like, the songs are sometimes plenty nice (Q’ulle!) and the sound itself shouldn’t be any kind of a shock if you’ve ever paid any attention to what they used to call “pop rock,” but I’ll be damned if the best thing about it isn’t the “high idol” approach that the groups take in their performance.

Like, yeah, CANDY GO!GO! in particular goes for a sexy biker look, but it’s all mid-level choreography and big group choruses and, you know, very idol. The music just so happens to be ostensibly guitar-driven and good for doing things like working on your car.

At any rate, Dec. 28. If you like this, that’s when you can buy the album and then gloat about it.