This Is What AIBECK Sounds Like Now

It was with a heavy heart that I had to acknowledge, from a time of my not-quite demise, that AIBECK — somewhat-longstanding not-quite-doyens of the chika scene, gamely ambitious and well-supported — had a mass graduation and was now moving forward as a duo. It gave me a sad, especially at the thought that I wouldn’t be seeing my girl An’z around anymore, probably, and she was the first idol to ever tweet an English phrase back at me, which practically means that we were bound at the soul.

Nevertheless, idol never truly rests, and it was good and necessary that the resultant “new” duo version of the group would make good on a release in October. Maybe this is where we land today!

Is this the promised October single? Or am I mixing up what and how they mean “new” in this context? Anyway, effectively new group, song by them, it is October, voila.

As an added bonus, here’s the duo live:

Good luck, my idol friends. The brand you rep managed to carve out space to give you a soft first landing, and goodness knows that it usually doesn’t get easier from here.