This Is Violent: Lyric Holic Live

Now this is what I’d been waiting for! I actually had to laugh a little bit when Viz Major added these in the group yesterday, because I had looked at the Your Lyric Holic Needs You YouTube account about an hour prior, just part of the usual who’s-doing-what-if-anything routine that I advise anytime there’s less going on in the idolsphere, and all they had there was some short tribute stuff for Psycho Predator.

Then I got two sources for these (rare) full live videos and couldn’t have been happier:

You can count me among the supporters of Lyric Holic who can get more than a little geeked up for them. Tama’s one of idol’s unsung talents (I seriously wonder why she’s grinding out an underground presence when she could probably be fronting a band), and they’ve shown in the past that they can get into some pretty neat ideas for promotional material.

Also, between the official MV for “Awaking Blood” and the likes of “Alice,” they don’t kid around when it comes to being VK idols; I always wish that they had more than a few hundred dollars’ worth of shooting budget, but I’m also not going to knock it. The music is, at worst, entertaining.