This Is the Other Side of Hope: Q’ulle Has Signed with a Major Label

After successfully surviving whatever the weird business with their previous management was and having a pretty great tour finale (with an album launch!), Q’ulle let it be known that they were moving on to a new label. But which label?

Literally, which label? They never said … until now!

Those are tears in those photos; like, Yakko’s either really happy or absolutely destroyed

I’m just parroting what more experienced people have to say on the matter, but Avex is rather casually known as a career killer; they’ll sign just about anybody for the sake of it, then never release or promote anything until the deal’s done and the chance to do something great has faded away.

Let us hope that it won’t so be the case with Q’ulle, who have a great discography behind them and an international fan base. Also, let’s get excited for Q’ulle for moving on to a major label!

4 thoughts on “This Is the Other Side of Hope: Q’ulle Has Signed with a Major Label

  1. When BiS signed with Avex almost everybody thought that was an error and the end of the punk concept, but finally it was just the opposite and the beginning of the (alternative) success of the band. I think is better to wait.

  2. Yeah, I too was really worried ’bout BiSH joining “Avekuso”, but if they keep releasing stuff like Killer BiSH, then it’s all good.
    I really hope Q’ulle will get the same kind of freedom treatment when recording stuff, because their sound is quite unique and awesome.

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