This Is the Funnest Idol Punk Song of 2017

Granted, we’re only a week into the new year, but this spunky little ditty by Yurimaru in her MIRACLE TOYBOX guise* is easily the spiciest little punk rock meatball since 2017 got going:

Right on. Now, technically, this was released back in September on her EP. Did anybody get that?

Anyway, happy Sunday. Tomorrow begins the first full work week of the year. Enjoy what freedom you have while you have it!

*I’m an idiot.

10 thoughts on “This Is the Funnest Idol Punk Song of 2017

        • it’s cool, finally listens to me. haha i been trying to tell idol 2.0 too.
          the Mircle Toybox was on the video. but her twitter and youtube is Miracle…
          Anyways. I think Miracle Toybox is not just her label, but is HER label. that’s why she pushes most of the promotion on that twitter. I seen somewhere she was in idol since she was 14, and she just had 21st. She crowdfunded to do her own thing this past year.
          She’s gotta little bit of Rinahamu in her, She is in like 3 active groups, and trying to help out so many other groups. :v
          Jordan found a band of dudes that listed Miracle Toybox as their label. So it’s like brand new, low funding, but the label is growing.

          • yeah, other than ‘Xiao Chaipon’ with KOTO, she has group ‘mtopi’ too, I thought was old news, but she recently performed with that group recently too. Then she helps out Maihime? of ‘Next Shoujo Jiken’, many of those live videos have Yurimaru as her second.
            Her old group, ‘Tekenoko’ i think? I always used to confuse with Tentenko not having too much knowledge of BiS from before.

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