These Are New PIIIIIIIN Songs

Forgive the lackluster tone in the title, gang; it seems that ol’ Maniac let himself get hornswoggled. Not for the first time, either! Idols will do that to you. At any rate, I was super enthusiastic about sharing just PIIIIIIIN’s song of the summer, only for them to turn around and do this to me instead:

Hey, okay, that’s a good one! It is implicit that there is more. Is there more?

There is! It’s less bursting in its awesomeness, though, hence the somewhat subdued approached. And then here, that song that I referenced as the hornswoggler:


I can only imagine that this is going to be a featured part of the show during PIIIIIIIN’s TIF sets. I’d prefer a rockier number, obviously, but if you can produce a reasonable facsimile from rollicking percussion inserts and some upbeats, why not keep it sparkly, sunny idol?

It’s good to have you back, PIIIIIIIN.