This Is My Favorite Melon Thing Ever

Ah, Melon Batake a go go. Remember last year, during Best Of season, when asses were shown in earnest by folks who couldn’t understand that a public process to select community favorites that they did not participate in themselves would fail to honor their favorite thing (Melon), and tried to make it as if there were some conspiracy on behalf of Team Homicidols, all of whom are unabashed lovers of Melon and want nothing but the best for them? That was fun.

The point is, we here at Homicidols Dot Com are very big supporters of Melon Batake a go go, and we have all been very happy to see their exposure grow by leaps and bounds ever since Brian first published about them ages ago. That said, we also try to avoid rose-colored glasses when regarding the things we like, so we’ve also been a little less than completely enthusiastic about everything that Melon’s done in more recent times, not because it wasn’t good but because it was getting kind of tired.

And so color me very pleasantly surprised when Melon — two weeks away from a very big one-man and accompanying single release — dropped said single via MV and left me slack-jawed and revising my internal narrative:

Now, musically, that’s a pure rollicker — if you aren’t dancing when your’e listening to it, you my friend need a swift kick in the pants — and the video, while about as simple as it gets, goes in a very seasonally appropriate direction that’s more genuinely creepy than anything else Melon has done. A more straight-ahead punk number was a really good choice, as it broke from the over-reliance on psychobilly and let the members do something beyond the idols-from-outer-space concept. In this instance, at least. You know what I mean. Like, we knew they had other moves in them, we just needed those suspicions to be validated. I’d personally love it if Soze put together a really wide-ranging catalog from here. With one foot planted in old-school rock & roll, your next step can be in countless directions, and all of them are things that Melon can pull off. I’m not necessarily asking for deathcore here, but there are endless styles of punk and rockabilly to work with.

So yeah, this is really good. I am much pleased.