This Is More of YUZUKINGDOM Doing Their Live Thing

Go ahead. Go ahead and pretend like you thought that Yuzuki did her own live harsh vocals. It’ll be fun!

Hold the phone, is this two posts in one day that are just there to let the material speak for itself? You bet. Also I’m at a conference and while nothing would please me more to write endless not-run-on-because-the-grammar-is-actually-perfect sentence, I just plain don’t have the gumption. Just enjoy that TIF post and go about your business.

3 thoughts on “This Is More of YUZUKINGDOM Doing Their Live Thing

  1. Not sure what you are getting at, she does her own harsh vocals but she doesn’t do all the harsh vocals – if she did why would they have a second vocalist!

    • It’s clear from all the videos both studio and live they released that she does the clean singing and does back and forth harsh vocals with the second vocalist, I’m not sure why the confusion here either tbh, probably one of those things were people didn’t actually check it out properly and are now just jumping to conclusions?

      • The way I always looked at it, I figured that she did it for the recording and then got playback for the lives. I think that was poorly expressed because my brain didn’t work last week!

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