This Is Like How Doctors Trick Kids into Taking Medicine, Only Way Brutaler

There I was last night, minding my own business, when the ever-reliable Pure Idol Heart was tweeting things my way (that’s what friends are for!), and right into the ol’ feed came what I immediately proclaimed to be my new favorite thing:

Christ. That’s filthy. Have another:

That’s Strawberry Painkiller (Twitter), and whoever was smart enough to slip opiates into fruit deserves a friggin’ raise.

If you happen to watch those videos and/or spend any time looking at that website, you’ll see that there are instrumentalists involved. Now, this is another one of those this-is-a-band-Maniac-what-about-your-precious-rules things that I get to hengao in your direction over because, as we’ve discussed in the past, it’s perfectly cool for idols to front bands (Genshoku Theatre) or even be bands themselves when appropriate (PASSPO). The “no bands!” rule is so we don’t get bogged down in every other Japanese-loud-female-vocals-guitar-pain thing that exists, because many of them exist; the point is really “all idols” — if they’re idoling, they’re welcome, regardless of the configuration making the music.

And do you doubt that Ichigo here is really an idol? DOUBT NO MORE!

Every now and again, the universe sends me something that makes me feel that this jam’s all worth it.

Anyway, like the entire Strawberry Painkiller video presence is encapsulated in this playlist, so enjoy your journey of discovery. I did!

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  1. Didn’t know about Strawberry Painkiller. Thanks for making me discover this gem!
    And I welcome Strawberry Painkiller here at homicidols 🙂

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