This Is How You Do a Birthday Celebration

Quick note on this post: I love when you guys tell me about stuff! Sometimes it’s a bit of news, or sometimes it’s a performance to share; whatever it is, if it’s cool and good, I’m going to want to amplify it so more people can see more idol stuff.

Take for example Hoshina Fumimi, a member of Daichi’s A-minor crew and the kind of solo idol that I can personally really get behind — she’s doing it for the love, and she’s doing it because she’s good, and people should support that.

Pukovnik Krv is probably as big a fan as anybody in the West of Daichi’s merry band of misfits, and you know that he contributes a lot of material and insights around Guso Drop and family. In this case, it’s Fumimi’s birthday live, which has some story to it.

Part 1!

Part 2!

That’s a long-ass live!

Did you recognize some of those songs? That is, did you recognize some of them as not being Fumimi’s? Probably, because the show was filled with them; here’s the set list:

1. Fumimi – Vampire Kiss
2. Eren – Kotowarenai Onna
3. Guso Drop – Level 6
4. Mizuki Nana – Discotheque
5. Necronomidol – Sarnath
6. Yurimaru – Iiaru Sansu
7. Next Shoujo Jiken – Shout Bullet
8. XYZ – Tatoeba
9. Ready To Kiss – Byou Simulation
10. Mio Yamazaki – Menhera
11. +tic color – Genki Dashite Ikouze!
12. Tsuki to Taiyou – Setsunakute Setsunakute
13. 2& – 3 Minutes
14. Riripom – Romeo-sama
15. MC (Photo together with everyone who came)
16. Fumimi – Youhouyouryou wo Omamori no Ue, Tanoshiku Onomikudasai
17. Fumimi – Vampire Kiss
18. Fumimi – Sore wa Sore wa Kawaisou na Onnanoko no Monogatari
19. Fumimi – Grotesque Dreamer
20. MC
21. Fumimi – 233 (new song)
22. Fumimi – Hizaue 15cm
23. Fumimi – Tsumeaka Gero Happy♥
24. (Encore) Fumimi – 233

And there’s a reason for it, too:

She sometimes calls herself the “idol who was raised by many idols”. Because before she joined A-minor she was self-produced and run, and basically all of the groups she covered except Mizuki Nana helped her out in some way, with either giving her extra staff or inviting her to their events.

That’s genuinely really awesome. Even if that’s just something that’s happened in Fumimi’s case, it’s genuinely great that idols stepped up to help out a fellow performer. And it’s definitely not just in Fumimi’s case! We’ve seen a lot of instances of idols covering other idols out of appreciation, or of so-and-so getting a helping hand from others, whether at the gig or elsewhere. This stuff is definitely and obviously easier in the indies, but little personal shows of support happen up and down the ladder.

Anyway, happy birthday to Fumimi a few days late, and I hope you keep on chugging, because you’re a lot of fun.