This Is How JyuJyu Can Get You into the Spirit

I’m trying to remember if the dregs of last year were as busy as these last couple of weeks have been. I do remember a lot of scheduled releases in November and December, but whether there were so many small releases from established idol projects, and this like live video jetsam, I’m drawing a blank and also being way too lazy to check, because Sunday.

This does bring us to cursed idols JyuJyu, who have great music and often great videos to support it but release so blessed little of it in a way that I can get it. Their last MV got a mixed reception, but what they’ve been doing live lately is … warming? warming hearts, or at least winning points:

Thank you Mr. Viz

I always love how much darkness mileage can be gained by working smarter, not harder. Hell, I’d get rid of the guitar solos — it’s not like the choreo depends on having that bridge, you know? — and just leave those icy cold verses a little more room to work with. I don’t know how I’d describe a tune like this to another person as anything other than “JyuJyu music,” but it’s taking me to the same places that blackened things usually do, and those are the best places. All I’m really asking for are clean recordings.

Also, go ahead and give me an example of an idol unit that does a better job of storytelling with its choreography. It could take you a while!

One thought on “This Is How JyuJyu Can Get You into the Spirit

  1. Would you please leave the guitar soli untouched?! I crave for those in any rock song 😉
    JyuJyu does really well as a 4 member group. Even Chun is in person much more tolerable than on her Twitter. lol

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