This Is Great

I’m breaking my own rule about trying to keep the focus of content on this site on rock and rock-adjacent-sounding idols to share my favorite thing since at least the start of March. This is NightOwl (remember NightOwl?) and their newest song released in MV form to celebrate their expansion to five members a little while back. And it’s awesome:

Yeah, back in the day we were pretty heavy into Hauptharmonie (for good reasons at that) and are always dabbling around acts like Philosophy no Dance because, let’s face it, their music kicks a lot of ass even if it’s not the archetype for ass-kicking. But those are exceptional circumstances, and in the case of PnoD it’s even purely a Weekender phenomenon unless they were to suddenly break out the horns and do a full-on ska number. We like music around these parts, entirely on its own merits, but you gotta have some kind of editorial direction. More or less.

Back when we were first looking at NightOwl, they had a different sound and angle, were a more natural fit. It’s been a weird-ass week, which only makes sense given that it’s April Fool’s Day, maybe the third favorite season in idol after Halloween and TIF. Let’s just do a thing — that’s NightOwl in this reference — that we can all enjoy and hope for more good things from.