This Is for You Oyasumi Hologram Fans

Much like sora tob sakana, your art-rock alt-idols aren’t always going to be the right cup of tea for, but I know how a lot of you guys dig on Oyasumi Hologram (as do I!), and they just had themselves a big one-man and I think that it’s appropriate to share the set:

Also to share the fact that they have a fan page on Facebook!

Who was it a little while back talking about OYSM’s songwriter saying that he doesn’t write idol music, but music for idols? I liked that, and it sums up not just Kanami and Hachigatsu-chan, but a lot of the stuff that’s starting to really get into nichier parts of the fandom, your projects that are, at their core, awesome musically and just so happen to have idols handling the vocals.

What kind of kills me, though, is how popular they probably should be, but aren’t. Yet. It just blows my mind that some of these idols are barely a blip in their home country, let alone internationally, when they’re doing some of the most interesting-but-accessible music that you’re going to find. If I had my druthers, I’d be packing up OYSM and You’ll Melt More! and There There Theres and a small army of lesser-known idol art projects and sending them on a tour of college campuses and marijuana dispensaries.

But anyway. Here’s some kind of radio spot I guess, which I only clicked in the first place because Negicco’s there with their faces crossed out, and that’s way too much:

10 thoughts on “This Is for You Oyasumi Hologram Fans

  1. I mentioned that statement from their producer. It’s been a long time since I watched it but, I was somehow able to track down the interview!

    The question that he mentions it in is asked at 8:35. It’s a pretty cool interview and it’s subbed! Ever since I first listened to Oyasumi Hologram I had the feeling they could be big and possible breakthrough internationally. I hope they do!

  2. One of my favorites. Their acoustic sets are always good, and show off the quality of the songwriting, and the girls voices, whilst in their electric performances they really rip things up. Not a bad feat if you can pull it off, which they seem to do regularly.

  3. I was very much a fan of their first album, but since then it seems they focus more on electronic songs now, with that they lost me. Did they ever commented something about the style change?

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