This Is Almost Everything That I Could Have Asked for from Broken By The Scream

Sorry, I can’t stop playing this damn song:

There are so many blast beats!

Have mercy.

Remember what I was saying in the 2017 year in review in review? How BBTS was going to go as far as their management let them go? Exhibit A, muchachos. I could do without the (because it’s idol) extraneous and unnecessary extra harsh parts in the chorus, but whatever, the intro alone should make you want to run through a brick wall. The composition’s good, and the Kagura-Io combination is just way too much to handle. I honestly thought we were going to get idol’s take on slam for a second, but alas.

BBTS is totally unique in idol, near as I can tell — some other groups do multiple harsh vocalists, but nobody else is playing with the same kind of combined fire (or production value) that is Broken By The Scream’s blast beats-plus-three-headed arrangement monster — to the point that they’re calling their style “patent pending.” I say, shine on, you crazy diamonds.

I just wish that next steps were being presented here along with this MV. Is there a release on the way? WHO KNOWS! Where’s the new fifth member who may or may not be Io’s grandfather? POSSIBLY NON-EXISTENT! Like, producer-san, stop giving us awesome things and then not following through on awesome things. I want to be able to wrap myself in the realization of your potential, not having a bout of the sads because yet another OMG idol project died on the vine.

5 thoughts on “This Is Almost Everything That I Could Have Asked for from Broken By The Scream

  1. Holy fuck WTH was that? All a jumble of emotions after that audio rape. That is about as far as you can get from idol and still squeeze in under the umbrella. I see this growing like a infection and turning heads of metal minded folk who wouldn’t normally pay attention. Who is the girl that does the metal core screaming? She makes Danny Filth sound like a novice.

    • The two girls are @iooo_BBTS and @Kagura_BBTS. I can’t get enough of that duo’s vocals. Those girls are among the best.

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