This Is A Whole Mess of Live Video from TIF

Who else remembers that glorious first TIF that we all spent together, in 2016? Ah, those were the days, when streams were free and people could rip video right from their DVRs, or industrious gaijin wota would use screen capture apps to capture everything that Nico Nico could throw at them. Terry had nabbed something like 15 videos that all lasted just long enough for TIP to notify YouTube, and then came the copyright hammer. We probably lost more vital idol-enjoying content in that one fell wave than at any one point up until then, and arguably since. Good times!

Last year’s TIF emerged practically video-less, and maybe TIP learned their lesson, because there’s actually a decent amount of good stuff left over from the Greatest Weekend of the Year. I have way more to do than clog the world with unnecessary HTML, so here’s just a big ol’ glut of stuff.

The biggest glut is the let’s-take-over-Saturday thing that all of the WACK idols did, covering each other’s material and doing solo spots and all:

BiS 1st

BiS 2nd

Aina and Kenta




Yui ga Dokuson


And then all this other stuff, which is barely scratching the surface:

You’ll Melt More!

Babyraids JAPAN

Task have Fun

Up Up Girls


Dance for Philosophy

That’s a lot of stuff! I’m more annoyed that I couldn’t find something from everybody who I’d have liked to see, but so goes life.

2 thoughts on “This Is A Whole Mess of Live Video from TIF

  1. Fav bit I caught was Gang Parade playing P2M about five times in a row, really whipping the crowd up into a frenzy. Made me go back and watch the BiSH performance from 2015 (3 years ago already?!?) with the stage management frantically trying to stop the show because of the unruly crowd, but the girls kept going haha.

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