This Is a Sound of Hope

So Minna no Kodomo-chan are tottering into an uncertain future. This has been a savage year for graduations and disbandments, so it follows that we could toss a few more heartbreaks onto the proverbial woodchipper of our emotions and further dilute a scene that, in what feels like the blink of an eye, went from astonishingly diverse to increasingly monochromatic. Sucks.

But yes, we did lose HAMIDASYSTEM, only to gain a new HAMIDASYSTEM, and I’m going to put it out there that “Kizu no Oto” here is probably exactly the track that I needed to hear this morning:

This follows last month’s release, and we get another one in this cycle (an innovation that I’m really enjoying, fwiw). It reminds me that the beautiful minds behind arguably the most ambitiously-sans-gimmick project in idol are still doing their thing, and that, for all of our losses over the past 12 months, give or take, we are still lucky to be alive and paying attention in this era of musical super indulgence.

As recently as a couple of weeks ago, if you’d argued in my direction that idol was, effectively, dead, I’d have had a hard time disagreeing with you. There were a lot of reasons for that (timing!), but being able to have a song like this to use to cope with a huge loss in a year lousy with them, I feel like there’s still hope to be had and that idol — on an unholy tear since BiS1.0 farted into existence almost nine years ago — may be yet to play its best hand.

Go download this song.