This Is a Intro Post about Dooshite Tomodachi GA inainoka

So funny story, I apparently started to blog this post almost two entire months ago, saved it in 90 percent-complete form on a day when I clearly thought “ah ha, I will complete this over lunch at work, I am very smart.” And then the joke was on me, because here I am two months later finding it in my drafts queue while looking for something else! Yippee!

Anyway! You may or may not have encountered Dooshite Tomodachi GA inainoka in your idol travels. That would be appropriate, as they’ve been around for long enough to be a regular on plenty of well-populated idol bills, and I’m pretty sure that their pre-debut was noticed and discussed. What caught my eye, though, wasn’t so much that as the fact that the group includes Urara from senritsumelodious and the Original and Only Adopt-an-Idol Poroporo Baroque, and if there’s an idol in the business who’s cursed, it’s Urara.

Let’s get down to it.

Those were things that I originally gathered to make the case that maybe you’ll make Dooshite Tomodachi and will want to follow them, now sans all of the original copy because none of it made sense anymore. Still, evidence! I also encourage you to go look at them on Twitter, which will feel a little weird because the profile seems to indicate that only Urara is currently part of the project, and they haven’t tweeted in a week, so … like I said, cursed!