This Is a Good Opportunity to Get into Re:LAYz

No! I’m a living and breathing “Life comes at your fast” meme now. Though I’ll give myself a little bit of credit: I was vaguely aware that something Re:LAYz-related was afoot! Man, I miss being able to blithely cruise through Twitter like in the good ol’ days.

Anyway! Let’s get down to business, which is now officially a week late and so doesn’t qualify as “news” except in the most oblique of John Oliver-esque senses, which is to say not at all! Except that, like, records indicate that this unit has never been Homicidoled before!

Lyrics published here

Well then! It’s a grower, for sure. That’s Re:LAYz (Twitter), obviously, who I apparently drafted up months upon months ago and then never took action on. A good thing to rectify now! (No, they debuted last year, why do you ask?) That chorus is worth paying for at least. I was trying to put my finger on some other specific track that it reminded me of, but the truth I think is closer to “lots of idol happening at once.” Not a thing wrong with that! Such is how trends and styles get defined, you know?

I went a-looking to find a why this was released, and the answer, near as I can tell, is “because we can.” The album that this was originally used to tease may or may not have actually been released in “Summer 2018”; the MV, I can very clearly assure you, wasn’t released in full until last week, so it’s either “here, finally” or “to hell with it, let’s just clear the board.” Either way, nothing to complain about!

Here are many Re:LAYz bona fides:

And now that we’re all better acquainted, should we take a quick spin through Re:LAYz Twitter?

Obviously yes!