This Is a First Summer Uika Appreciation Post

So the Word Made Flesh herself, First Summer Uika, ex of BiS and BILLIE IDLE and Lui’s YouTube Dungeon and hanging out with Pharrell and being secretly married for years has spent the last year and change becoming like a real-deal celebrity. Those of us who especially appreciated Uipon’s contributions to idol and culture and our very lives nodded knowingly — yes, of course, this brilliant dynamic personality is impossible to ignore and full of the kind of magnetic energy that is essential in modern mass media — but I think there are still a few fools out there in the world who are either unaware or unappreciative of her majesty, and so to them I present the first solo single from First Summer Uika as evidence that you better stan and you better do it now before all the other kids make fun of you for being a poser:

I don’t want to say a whole lot about Uika, honestly, for three reasons:

  1. Unless someone has extremely compelling evidence to the contrary, I do believe that her idol career is over, and so further mentions on a website called Homicidols is gratuitious
  2. We’ve gotten out of the era when people like me didn’t have a place in the idol community because we don’t idol right (probably because we got the numbers now), but it’d be really weird to embrace that too fully despite some evidence to the contrary just shut up okay
  3. The work speaks for itself, really

But if you ask me about individual personalities from this whole business who I put on a pedestal, and who I tell other people about with a genuine level of excitement? There are maybe five of them, and one of them is First Summer Uika. She had me the first time I saw a clip of her kicking a handsy fan during a BiS live, and bellowing along in that delightful cover of “Denden Passion”. I couldn’t be happier for her and the success she’s having.