This Guy Interviewed Kamen Joshi, Is Still Alive

Our Corenament MVP @char_tee_saki shared this in the comments the other day: Tyler Draper over at New Age Idols got a chance to sit down with some Armor Girls and one Mask Girl, Mizusawa Mai.

You can read the whole thing; my biggest personal takeaway is that Tsukino Moa is an impressive young woman with terrible taste in music.

5 thoughts on “This Guy Interviewed Kamen Joshi, Is Still Alive

  1. Of course he is still alive, someone has to live to tell the tale, but I’m sure Tyler is scarred for life. Homicidols needs our own foreign correspondent to sniff out interviews with some of our favorite artists. Instinct tells us there are possibly other artists willing to chat with western interests. Perhaps brother phillter could be our “man on the street” once he arrives in country. Could be cool.

    • That’s kinda a plan of mine, and I wouldn’t really need a translator (OH SNAP 😉 ). I would LOVE to sit down with groups that don’t have a ton of non-show footage out there, like Guso Drop or Under Beasty…or Passcode, but that will probably never happen haha.

  2. Quick…………….get this man a T-shirt and an official looking press badge, otherwise you may come off as just another wanker trying to get up close and personal with the idols. Finding the artists may be tricky, unlike the Mask Girls, who are the easiest to locate. If you manage to track down a few idols willing to converse, remember, video interviews are preferred.

  3. Coolest part of this interview is Mai-pu stating she wants to play at the Apollo Theater in NYC. Either she doesn’t quite grasp what it is, or she has the most guts of any Japanese artist ever, and wishes to challenge any and all cultural barriers that may still exist. After all, Nanaka and Yuki have mastered the rap breakdowns that appear in many of their songs,and I would pay top dollar to witness Hardbody Anna crowd surf the shocked and confused audience. Would definitely be a groundbreaking first for the ol’ Apollo.

    • Having enjoyed Showtime at the Apollo many times, I’m going to go with “I’ve heard of this famous theater in New York.” Though if anything could get that audience to sit spellbound, the Mask Girls could.

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