This Friday, We’re Going To Behave

Well, that sure blew up in ways that I should have prepared for!

Okay, so I’m actually writing this Fun a week in advance for two reasons; 

  1. I’m sending in my laptop for repairs tomorrow (or, six days ago, if you’re reading this now)
  2. I feel pretty dang bad about how last week turned out.

When I said #StartAWotaFight I only intended for it to be tongue-in-cheek, guys! I didn’t want friendships to end over it!

So, this week, we’re gonna do the exact opposite. We’re going to sit down, apologise, and big others up instead of dragging them down.

This week, I want you to be nice.

I want you to pick someone in the fandom, and say something nice about them. Perhaps a friend, perhaps an artist you respect, or even someone who you fell out with and want to make amends. Tag them if you want, or don’t, either way, we’re going to big each other up this weekend! I think its something we could all do with right now.

Tweet your compliments with the hashtag #PraiseAWota, here’s hoping this gets the same kind of traction as last week in a positive way!