This Friday Fun Is Not an HR Violation

Last week’s fun was all about wanting your lost oshi to come back in some way or another! 

I’m writing this fun in the midst of a heatwave right now. I’m so hot that I can barely think straight. Can’t even think of a witty thing to say about this and that thing. Might as well bring back an old favourite with a twist, then spend the rest of the weekend eating birthday cake and drowning my loved ones in my own sweat.

So, looking back at last week’s theme of oshiloss, I also remember #WorstReasonsToGraduate semi-fondly. Sure, it was in response to a sea of upsetting graduation announcements and I’m pretty sure most of the idols who got jokes made at their expense that week probably actually have graduated by now, but we got some funny responses. This is pretty much exactly the same thing, only now we’re shifting the “blame” onto management. Oh gee, I wonder how many WACK references we’ll get this week? This week’s hashtag is #WorstReasonsToFireAnIdol and … RIP BiS 2. RIP.