This Friday Fun Is a Very Bad Idea

Hey gang. Kerrie’s on a special assignment today, and I was going to just let the Fun slide for a week, but then, naw, we always manage to make it a good time.

After all, last week’s #IdolBrandDeals turned out okay:

But I’m not right-way funny for this kind of thing, so I struggled a little bit with what to do. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

The why might make more sense in a little while, but I was thinking about idol and how everything’s themed. So-and-so are the X idols, this-and-that the Y. Some of them are good! Many are not!

So that’s where I am: Between the genuinely dumb concepts, the names that sound inappropriate but aren’t, and the units that, looked at differently, could easily be construed as something else entirely, there are plenty of bad ideas out there.

Today and over the weekend, put yourself in the shoes of an idol manager.* You have one job: To create the worst concept and name possible for the idol group you’ll be managing. It’s like The Producers, only with idol, and probably not with Nazis!

Use #BadIdeaIdols, and Kerrie will make a big deal out of your work when she returns.

*I expect great things here, btw. You all can’t pretend like you don’t regularly think about these kinds of things.

4 thoughts on “This Friday Fun Is a Very Bad Idea

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  2. Easter idols with the name Nailed Gods. Instead of bunnies and choccy eggs the idols play at being crucified and shower the fans with stigmata blood.
    I’m sure this can be improved. I’ll think of something better.

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