This Dots Series Is the Absolute

You guys may have noticed that I have a totally healthy mini-obsession with Dots, the enigmatic Tokyo nine-piece that does everything from shoegaze to noise and back again, with some of the most unique stage performance in the game. They’re absolutely wonderful. Look at this:

Not the actual point of the post, though; instead, I want to highlight their Literary Girls series:

I totally missed these in all the tumult recently, but Brian was abuzz and got me clued in, and then I got a very handy (contextual!) explainer:

I vaguely remembered the flower names, insofar as I did not associate the flowers with names as much as I thought it was the machine translations killing me as usual, but now it makes sense.

But the actual point of all of this is not to extol the Dots for being clever, but for this video series appropriately called Literary Girls:

Brian has suggested that maybe there’ll be a video for each member. That’ll be nine videos, all for one song, thereby ushering in Dots as a bona fide idol group! (ha)

There’s actually a really cool Dots feature coming up like tomorrow, and the Dots themselves are gearing up for a one-man in September, which I’m prepared to sell all of my belongings to be able to pay to transport the entire situation to my living room (so not all of my belongings, I guess). Life is Dots-tastic!

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