This Desu.Rabbits Situation Isn’t Stopping Being Weird

If you’re a reader of the Weekender, you saw the note that the Desu.Rabbits official YouTube channel got zapped the other day. Like, completely out of the blue. Bucho at the time sort of took the whole thing in stride and made a Trump joke, as seems to be the style these days, but there weren’t any real answers.

@PyramidHead128 had an interesting suggestion, which is that Bucho’s videos of his playing The Last of Us got dinged for copyright violations, and the whole channel was nuked by YouTube in response. This is apparently a thing. (Update) Peter via the fan club suggests that it’s because Bucho added Justin Bieber’s name to a video title, which could have been viewed as deliberately misleading (but, like, have you seen how a lot of YouTube videos are titled?).

There’s news(?!) now, and that’s that there is no news:

That’s completely bizarre; I understand requiring takedown of content based on copyright claims or whatever (I’ve had my share), but to destroy an entire channel that’s chockablock full of the account owner’s own actual creative work? I don’t get it.

There are bigger implications here, too; basically, if YouTube can do that, what are the actual limits? And what counts as a copyright infringement or misleading? And at whose discretion are such calls made? Would the same rules have applied if, say, Kanye or Slipknot had been the “guilty” party? It matters to our idols, and, given how often some of us bootleg video from streaming services or live shows, it matters to us.

At any rate, Seby Saeki has what seems to be all of Desu.Rabbits’s important content backed up, so it still does exist on YouTube. And let’s hope that they’re able to regain control of their channel.

4 thoughts on “This Desu.Rabbits Situation Isn’t Stopping Being Weird

  1. Yeah, but I still don’t buy that it’s about the game footage.

    There was a video of Emi singing recently, which was monetised, and Buchou put “Justin Bieber” in the title in an attempt to get more views, and the current theory is that caused an issue… part of Youtube’s content policies include not uploading “Misleading content”, which this could be considered as.

    I’ll keep you updated, as usual~

  2. At first I thought it was some DR hater falsely clicking on the youtube Report option multiple times.
    The more I thought about the situation it made more sense that it was Bucho’s odd non-DR related videos and also probably that PPAP parody and that other dance video using someone elses copyrighted music in it that caused the violations. Bucho obviously should have put all that non-DR copyrighted stuff on a separate YT channel. In fact there is another channel they had set up that is still there but only has 2 DR related videos on it.
    Link – (神崎晃 YT channel)
    Also Emi had made one just for another PPAP dance video which is still there.
    Link – (emi emi YT channel)

    I am glad that I DL’d all the DR related videos before it got removed.

    Here is a link to the Seby Saeki YT Channel with all the official DR MVs.

    I was having problems with my comment showing up. Sorry if this later ends up making my comment show up multiple times. This is my 4th try.

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