This Chemical Reaction Sounds Pretty Good

Do you guys remember from back almost three months ago when I brought up Chemical Reaction for the first time? No? Of course you don’t, because nobody looked at the stupid post. Well, crazy people, here I am again, but with a lot more good stuff (h/t @PureIdolHeart for the references!)

They’re putting out this single as a venue-only CD. I want that CD:

But Chemical Reaction’s parent agency thing, Michipro, just dumped a ton of stuff from their acts onto YouTube over the last few days, and that includes some additional goodies from Chemicari:

This is (both sides of) their first single, “Quasi Light”:

Why aren’t you a bigger deal, Chemicari?

Second single, “a walk in the life”:

Like I said, there’s a lot of stuff, much of it new and much of it live, on the company’s YouTube channel. I’ll warn you: When you get to Lucifer and expect blackened gorecore or whatever, start managing those expectations right now.

3 thoughts on “This Chemical Reaction Sounds Pretty Good

  1. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! Venue only, the most dreaded words to an overseas lover of alt-idol. Well, I guess that makes two of us that will be looking for this release. It sounds really good.

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