This Billie Idle Blog Post Scared the Crap out of Me

It is the Official Policy of that First Summer Uika is divinity in human form. If she wants to punch you in the face, you let her, because what a blessing that would be. If you kicks you in the knee, you thank her. When Billie Idle official’s Twitter publishes her blog post titled “something beginning and end something,” you run to the nearest translating device and/or cartoonishly large bottle of rat poison, because news is great but bad news is terrible.

Go ahead and click through, and use the translator if you like; we’ll talk details after the jump.

Did you read it yourself yet? No? You are now out of spoiler territory, friend.

All right, so who else started to fall completely to pieces at just seeing the title of the post, and then lost their heartbeat while Uipon was talking about acute gastroenteritis? I’m not the only one, right? The day that First Summer Uika retires is the day that I give up everything.

So you need some recovery after that, even though you realize that she yes was ill and yes needed some medical care but no wasn’t graduating and in fact is just as intense as ever, and then HOLY SHIT IT’S YASUI YUUHI!

They’re nice photos, is what I’m saying. All five Idlers, all together at last, and Yuuhi shows no signs of wanting to murder Akira (outwardly, at least).

So it’s actually a pretty nice little blog post, Uika’s joking about wearing diapers notwithstanding.

7 thoughts on “This Billie Idle Blog Post Scared the Crap out of Me

  1. From the ill-translated stuff I read on Twitter, I wasn’t able to discern whether or not Yasui joined them on stage to perform “by” for the Encore… If so, WHERE [clap] IS [clap] THE VIDEO [clap]

    Yasui “Long time no see ~!”
    All the same “Huh?”
    Uika “Which is the right answer?”
    Akira “I have not met you”
    Yasui “Awesome!”

    GIVE [clap] YASUI [clap] A CROWN [clap] I LOVE [clap] HER SO [clap] MUCH

  2. Speaking of translators, it looks like Google has stopped translating “First Summer Cormorant Squid” and is now calling her “First Summer Winker”
    Their neural net can turn a picture of pasta salad into a bunch of dogs and monsters but it can’t quite nail that one down.

  3. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but Yumemi Nemu’s name gets g-translated to “Dream Sleep Drowsiness,” which owns and is the greatest.

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